Reference Books

The Montessori Index
Virginia B. Fleege, Jr., 153 pp, spiral bound, 1987 edition.
An index of subjects from the books of Maria Montessori and other authors.


NAMTA : Whole School Montessori Handbook
D. Kahn, S. Dubble and D. Renee Pendleton, 700 pp, soft cover. 1999 edition.
Topics include starting a school, organizational strcture, funding, finance, materials, policies, procedures, and more.


NAMTA : Montessori Bibliography
Mary Maher Boehnlein, soft cover, 1994 edition.
A bibliography containing more than 5,000 articles from 1909 through 1993. An essential research tool.


NAMTA : Montessori Research
Mary Maher Boehnlein, 119 pp, soft cover, 1988 edition.
84 studies from 1914 through 1988 on the Montessori method. A valuable companion to the Montessori Bibliography.


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