Push & Pull

My First Train
Size 11.2 x 51 x 11.9 cm
Age 24 months and up

This all-rounded edge train does more than just entertain your child, it promotes sound reception, sorting & stacking abilities, body movements and balancing. By pressing the first bogie, your child can enjoy a full 20 seconds of locomotive sound. The center bogie has two alternative revolving drums. With its perfect colour combination, it is friendly both to feel and look at. Batteries included/chargeable.


Duck Family
Size 10.6 x 28.2 x 11.2 cm
Age 18 months and up

The DUCK FAMILY is one pull-along toy that your child will definitely love. Not only wil this cute wooden toy help improve a child's walking abilities, it will help him-her learn about balancing and physical coordination. The swirling movement of the ducks, which is induced by pulling, attracts the child's attention and promote curiosity. The warm and friendly appearance of the toy also create a sense of 'family' and kindness in a young mind.


Twisty Crab
Size 19 x 10 x 57 cm
Age 18 months and up

Look into my eyes and then push me around to enjoy the movements and sounds of my colourful beads! You will have much fun and the exercise is furthering your balancing skills and equilibrium because I provide a steady hold, while you can develop your foot arch and foot alignment.


Spinny Walker
Size 19 x 10 x 57 cm
Age 18 months and up

What a fun - walk me, push me and see my beads form a rainbow! The faster, the better, because I give you a steady hold to develop balancing. But that is not all - see my other beads climbing up and down the colourful wire spiral. And the noise: Click-clack, click-clack. Will Mom and Dad come see which new movements I learned? Now I do it slow, now I run and tomorrow I will be much stronger.


Max Trailer
Size 19 x 10 x 57 cm
Age 24 months and up

Pull or push, the fun will last with this sturdy trailer, stimulating children to solve problems and explore home and neighbourhood. For a break sit down to sort and match according to colour and or shape. Time to go: Press on the truck and hear the engine roaring. Safe, bright, non-toxic colours.


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