Set of 13 pairs of movable brass bells that make up the chromatic scale starting with middle C (do) as follows: a) 13 bells with natural wood bases; b) 13 bells with decreasing diameters, and black or white wooden bases to correspond to the piano keyboard; c) two wooden mallets for striking the bells; d) one wooden damper.

Mallet 1MM.240.1
Individual wooden mallet for bells.

Damper 1MM.240.2
Individual wooden damper for bells.

Bell Baseboard
Set of two wooden boards with grey and white rectangular spaces corresponding to the bases of the bells.

Note Position Material
Wooden box with compartments containing the following material: a) movable material representing treble clef and bass clef, crescendo and diminuendo, and accidentals; b) a set of 8 white wooden disks with the names of the notes on one side and the numbers 1-8 on the other side; c) a set of 64 wooden disks bearing the notes of the C major scale; d) a set of 20 black wooden disks; e) a set of 15 disks for semitones.

Staff Boards
Set of three wooden boards as follows:

a) an indented green wooden board with lines of the staff and round sockets labelled with the numbers 1-8 to correspond to the C major scale; b) two green boards with staff lines.

Tone Bars
Set of 25 movable steel tone bars with special black or white wooden bases corresponding to the piano keyboard; two mallets for striking the bars are included.

Tone Bars Baseboard
Set of two wooden boards with grey and white rectangular spaces corresponding to the base of the tone bars.

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