Large Scale

Standing Abacus
Size 65.2 x 34 x 87.1 cm
Age 36 months and up

Standing Abacus is a larger version of Abacus with fun and decorative size. This abacus is designed to enable the child to play calculation with it in an upright position.


Large Xylophone
Size 75 x 85 x 22.5 cm
Age 36 months and up

This colourful giant xylophone does play like a music instrument as well as being a great room decoration in children's room.


Giant Stacking Rings
Size diameter 13 x 26.6 cm
Age 36 months and up

A much larger version of every child's favourite stacking toy. our wooden version, a gigantic 8 piece can enhance a child's manipulative, sorting and decision-making abilities. In addition, he/she will learn to distinguish individual pieces, based on colour and size. Specially designed to be extra durable and strong. Dowel size is enlarged with rounded end, reinforcing the safety function of safe play.


Giant Ball Star
Size 9 x 37 x 29.3 cm
Age 36 months and up

This wonderful toy traditionally helps a child learn how to count. We went a step beyond to create the much larger, GIANT Ball Star. The brightly coloured wooden toy allows a child to assess and differentiate numbers based on colour, height and quantity. Its larger size also improves hand and arm coordination.


Giant Peg & Hammer
Size diameter 15.4 x 33.5 x 12 cm
Age 36 months and up

Another classic toy that is best loved by children of every generation. Our GIANT Peg & Hammer is extra large with beautiful bright colours, promoting a child's sight reception. This toy is ideal for exercising the baby's arm muscles and hand gripping techniques. Extra sturdy and strong for repeated play. Includes 3 pegs and hammer.


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