Gonzagarredi Scrl, Italy . since 1925
The recognised manufacturer of AMI-approved Montessori Educational materials

Gonzaga is the place of origin of the family under whose rule Mantova achieved its greatest splendor in art and culture in the fifteenth century. Today it is also known throughout the world for the production of Montessori educational material.

It all began with the meeting between Dr. Maria Montessori and Donna Maria Maraini Guerrieri Gonzaga, her great friend and admirer. Donna Maraini often entertained Dr. Montessori in her villa at Palidano, a village nearby Gonzaga.

The first factory that started production on the specific indications of Dr.Maria Montessori was then called "Ernesto Bassoli & Figli".

The Gonzaga factory has always worked with the scientific support of disciplines of Dr.Maria Montessori. In 1975, the factory became a cooperative company with the name "Gonzagarredi", giving an important contribution to the diffusion of Montessori materials throughout the world.

Today, "Gonzagarredi" is an important centre for research, production of school supplies, culture and social services. Its innovative strategies stem from the initiative of its president, Mr Giuseppe Marangon, who has managed to combine an artisan inheritance and sprit with modern technologies. The Montessori Gallery is established for public awareness of the history of Dr. Maria Montessori, serving as Asia's first resource center for Montessori Education with all approved Montessori materials available to meet the applications of a full Montessori program.

"Gonzagarredi" is producing materials that are approved by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) founded by Dr. Maria Montessori. AMI verifies the accuracy and correspondence with the blue-prints of materials issued to "Gonzagarredi" for production. An acknowledgement that rewards "Gonzagarredi" fidelity to international standards, but above all, to a tradition and a project that continue to make history.

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