Geometry Sticks
Ten sets of colour-coded wooden sticks ranging from 2 to 20 centimetres and a special set of sticks in natural wood, in a wooden compartmentalised box. The box also contains curved sticks, a measuring angle made of plastic, a plumb line made of plastics and fasteners. The workboard (1MM.180.1) is needed with this material.
Wooden cork-covered board, measuring 60 x 50cm, for use with 1MM.180.
Set of nine metal plates. One plate contains a whole square; four plates contain the square divided into rectangles or smaller squares; four plates contain the squares divided into triangles.
Set of four metal plates containing four equilateral triangles as follows: one whole; one divided into halves; one divided into thirds; and one divided into fourths.
Equivalence Material
Set of 13 metal plates containing insets designed to demonstrate the transformation of various geometric shapes into equivalent rectangles and also a particular theorem of equivalence.
Theorem of Pythagoras
Set of 3 metal plates with insets for the demontration of different cases of the theorem: a) two sides of the triangle are equal; b) the sides of the triangle are in the proportion of 3:4:5; c) Euclidean demonstration.
Other Geometric Figures
Set of three metal plates containing the following: a small equilateral triangle, an equilateral trapezoid and an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle.
Inscribed and Circumscribed Figures
Set of nine metal plates containing four squares and five circles in the appropriate sizes.
Yellow Area Material
Set of 20 yellow wooden geometric figures, most of which are covered by a grid of squares, in a wooden box.
Yellow Prisms for Volume
Yellow wooden prisms divided into five equal sections that are marked appropriately.
Wooden Cubes for Volume
Set of 250 wooden cubes in a natural wood fininsh and with an edge of 2 centimetres, in a wooden box with a removable side.
Small Wooden Cubes for Volume
Set of 1000 wooden cubes in a natural wood finish and with an edge of 1 centimetre, in a wooden box.
Large Geometric Solids, First Box
Set of 6 blue wooden solids, in a wooden box, as follows: a square prism, two triangular prisms (one wholeand one divided into halves), a rhombic prism and two hexagonal prisms (one whole and one divided into three parts).
Large Geometric Solids, First Box
Set of 12 blue wooden solids, in a wooden box, as follows: a square pyramid with the two related prisms (tall and short), a triangular pyramid with the two related prisms (tall and short), a cone with the two related cylinders (tall and short), a sphere, an ellipsoid and an ovoid.
Large Geometric Solids, Third Box
Set of three hollow metal solids painted blue: the square pyramid and the two related prisms, in a wooden box.
Trisected Cube
Wooden cube divided into three identical pyramids, in a wooden box.

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