Heg. Pegs & Hammer

Size 14 x 19.2 x 12 cm
Age 24 months and up

A traditional hammer and peg bench designed to help develop hand-eye coordination and manipulative skills. Children will have fun hammering the colorful pegs from side-to-side and up and down.


New Posting House

Size 16.8 x 9 x 14.8 cm
Age 24 months and up

Children will have fun posting the six different geometric wooden blocks into the roof of this house, which can also be used in imaginative play. Ideal for learning shape recognition while developing hand-eye coordination.


Rolling Sorter

Size 15 x 15 x 12 cm
Age 18 months and up

A traditional toy designed to develop early sorting skills. Children can roll the wheel to hear the rattle, then sort and post the six colorful shapes, and then release the beads post to start over again.


New Stacking Rings

Size diameter 9 x 18.6 cm
Age 18 months and up

A brightly colored traditional stacking toy. This 8 piece set will encourage children to learn about colors, sorting, and size while developing their manipulative skills.


Shape Sequence

Size 27.5 x 27.5 x 9 cm
Age 24 months and up

The primary objective of SHAPE SEQUENCE is to teach a 24 month or older child to recognise colors, shapes and sequence, and to sort and organise according to color, height and row or coloumn.


Solving Path

Size 13 x 24 x 36 cm
Age 24 months and up

This toy is suitable for children of 2 years of age and older. It is a planning and problem-solving toy, which also enables children to recognise differences and similarities of shape and colors. The toy consists of a board with lines and shapes that create all the letters of the alphabet carved into wooden board as an irregularly laid out path. Three dice are attached to the board, which can be used to set 46 different questions for the child to solve. These dice cannot be detached from the board, so that they will not get lost. The child uses a pincer grip to move wooden pieces along the path to find the correct answer to the questions that have been set.


New Ball Stairs

Size 7 x 29 x 2.6 cm
Age 24 months and up

A wwoden board with five stacking poles organised in ascending height to permit the stacking of fifteen brightly colors balls. The child will learn to count, differentiate and to organise by colors.


New Abacus

Size 13 x 30 x 26 cm
Age 36 months and up

This abacus is designed to enable the child to play and calculate with it in an upright position. There are 6 rows of beads, each differentiated from the other by a different bead color, and there are ten beads in each row.
Counting up to 999,999 units.


Activity Box

Size 13 x 13.5 x 14.5 cm
Age 24 months and up

This carry-along toy box has 3 functional sides, each with its own play & learning value. On one side, your child will learn how to distinguish shapes, colors and sizes. On the second side, he/she acquires the ability of counting number. The last function enlightens your child on reasoning and decision-making skills.



Size 8 x 13 x 14.5 cm
Age 48 months and up

This toy can serve as the first scientific tool to satisfy the curiosity of a 4-year old child. It will enable a child to discover more about its surrounding environment, such as insects, plants, earth, crystalline structures, and other aspects of nature. The microscope incorporates durable mechanical parts, an easily adjustable lens to facilitate focusing, and it comes with a wooden tray upon which the child may place the objects of its curiosity to examine them under the microscope.



Size 9.5 x 16 x 2.2 cm
Age 36 months and up

This toy is suitable for children from the age of 3 years upwards. It consists of a durable wooden handle and frame, with three lenses, each with a different magnifying power. The magnifier is easy to use, and the handle has a hole through which a piece of string or cord may be threaded, so that the magnifiercan be easily hung on a hook when not in use.


Stacking Domino

Size 9.3 x 9.3 x 12.5 cm
Age 36 months and up

STACKING DOMINO is an educational toy set that enhances both the child's IQ and EQ. It does so by teaching the child to use reasoning, decision-making and problem solving skills. Different rod sizes and colored dominos allow a child to distinguish shapes and color. Dominos game can be played up to 3 players.


Rowing Boats

Size 15 x 44 x 8 cm
Age 60 months and up

This game provides youngsters with hours of fun, and help to focus their concentration while tuning eye-hand coordination. Play alone or with friends. The first to sail the boat across is the winner.


Flexi Bear

Size 6.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 cm
Age 24 months and up

This colorful, flexible toy offers a multitude of choices: Children will learn to lace, stack and count with the smiling face of the bear always stimulating interactive play. The unique interlocking systems make this toy lively andhelps to understand balancing and fine-tunes the motor skills. Safe, bright, non-toxic colors.


Texture Match-Up

Size 17 x 17 x 3 cm
Age 36 months and up

With the help of this toy children will learn to distinguish between 8 different textures and how to match them. Enhances sensory reception, concentration, problem solving and decision making. When several children playing, social skills and reasoning are trained.


Geo Bond

Size 8.5 x 28.5 x 9.5 cm
Age 36 months and up

With the help of this multiple-stacker children not only acquire comprehension about shapes and colors, but also with a fun logical twist as the pieces are fixed together in an inter-connected manner. GEO BOND furthers both logical thinking and sequencing, while enhances the understanding on dependent connections.


Little Tug Boat

Size 7 x 17 x 10 cm
Age 24 months and up

Ahoy! - here comes my little boat. Tugged or pushed, the boat moves swiftly on all surfaces, stimulating role play as well as hand-eye coordination. Something ahead? Then push the Smiling Sailor for a beep and take out the telescope to see better! Lost your way? Take out the magnifier to read the map. Calm sea? Time for a round of double sorting! Matching shape and size stimulates decision-making. safe non-toxic colors.


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