Botany Cabinet
Set made up of 1MM.210, 1MM.212 and 1MM.213

Leaf Shapes, Insets
Set of 24 knobbed wooden insets with their frames.

Leaf Shapes, Cards
Two sets of cards printed as follows: one set is printed with the shapes in solid green and one set with shapes in a thin outline. They match the leaf shapes of the insets. The two sets of 24 cards are stored in a wooden display box.

Tree, Leaf And Flower Puzzles
Set of three large puzzles for the parts of a tree, of a leaf and of a flower; each piece has a knob for easy removal.

Wooden Cabinet for Insets
Empty wooden cabinet with seven trays. The cabinet is made to contain the botany insets (1MM.210 - 1MM.212).

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...But it is logical that if there are (...) natural aptitudes to easy acquisition of culture, we should take advantage of them, and surround the child with things to handle which in themselves convey steps in culture ...
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