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Botany As A Mean Of Development
R. Gupta, 82 pp, soft cover, 1995 edition.
A comprehensive description of the presentation of botany based on the refresher course given by the late albert Joosten in India during 1957-58


The Child's Right To Develop
Albert Joosten, 47 pp, soft cover, 1995 edition.
Many of his observations and recollections including "On Becoming Who We Are."


Education As A Help To Life
Albert Joosten, 81 pp, soft cover, 1994 edition.
This book presents an overview of Dr. Maria Montessori and the philosophy of the Montessori method.


The Exercises Of Practical Life
Albert Joosten, 25 pp, soft cover, 1990 edition.
An overview of practical life in the Montessori classroom


Montessori Language Program
A. M. Joosten, R. K. Gupta, A. W. Khandekar, D. A. Akbar, 121 pp, soft cover, 1985 edition.
Montessori Language Program for children 3 to 6 years of age.


Montessori Matters
Sisters of Notre Dame De Namur, 179 pp, soft cover, 1972 rev ed.
A teacher's manual with illustrated lesson plans of basic Montessori exercises.


Montessori Matters: A Language Manual
Sister Mary Motz, 139 pp, soft cover, 1984 edition.
A practicum for the teaching of language skills, ages 3-9.


Montessori Matters: A History Manual
Sister Mary Motz, 79 pp, soft cover, 1985 edition.
A guide to a didactic approach to giving the child historical appreciation and perspective.


Montessori On A Limited Budget
E. Farrow and C. Hill, 300 pp, soft cover, 1972 edition.
Step by step directions for making and using Montessori materials. The emphasis is on keeping costs low.


Montessori Music - A Sensorial Exploration And Notation With The Bells
Jean K. Miller, 26 pp, heavy stock, spiral bound.
An illustrated handbook with detailed instructions for sensorial presentations and notation introduction. Use with matching, nomenclature, definition cards and control books and strips (see #5.682.00 - CSM catalog)


A New Approach To Zoology Nomenclature
R. Gupta, 68 pp, soft cover, 1983 edition.
Based on the Montessori approach, presents a complete zoology nomenclature


Peace 101
Ursula Thrush, 58 pp, soft cover, 1992 edition.
The introduction of Education for Peace as a mandatory subject of the Montessori teacher education curriculum.


Researching Montessori Zoology Program
R. Gupta, 95 pp, soft cover, 1987 edition.
Research based on Dr. Maria Montessori's work and the author's ideas for modification and improvements.


Science Experiences - Part 1
R. Gupta, 50 pp, soft cover, 1986 edition.
A collection of easily performed experiments.


#5.365.31 Part 2
#5.365.32 Part 3
#5.365.33 Part 4
#5.365.34 Part 5
#5.365.35 Part 6
#5.365.36 Part 7

Teaching The Child To Write
Ade Bethune, 16 pp, pamphlet.
Basic ideas and descriptions of writing and printing techniques.


The Child And You
117 pp, soft cover, 1997-98 edition.
Notes and essays on many Montessori subjects. From the India Montessori Association and the Indian Institute for Montessori Studies.


Together With Montessori
Cam Gordon, 87 pp, soft cover, 1993 edition.
A guide to help Montessori teachers, administrators and parents work in harmony to create great schools.


Uniscript, A New Method For Teaching Handwriting
ade Bethune, 62 pp, soft cover, 1964 edition.
Instructions for using the sandpaper letters.


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