Books For Parents

Understanding The Human Being
Silvana Q. Montanaro, MD, 166 pp, soft cover, 1987 edition.
The importance of education in the first three years of life to reach a high level of emotional, intellectual and moral integration.


Montessori And Your Child : A Primer For Parents
Terry Malloy, 92 pp, soft cover, 1974 edition.
A handbook for parents of young children, three to six years of age, to help them understand and assist in the growth of their child.


At Home With Montessori
Patricia Oriti, 26 pp, soft cover, 1994 edition.
Edited by David Kahn. An approach of how adults and children can live together harmoniously whilw maintaining different goals for development.


The Essential Montessori
Elizabeth G. Hainstock, 129 pp, soft cover, 1978 edition.
An introductory source for the newcomer to Montessori. Includes a directory of information sources.


Look At The Child
Aline D. Wolf, 64 pp, soft cover, 1978 edition.
Excerpts from Maria Montessori's writings with photographs of young children in everyday situation.


Maria Montessori : Farmschool Erdkinder
Ursula Thrush, 56 pp, soft cover, 1982 edition.
The story of the Maria Montessori Farmschool, an Erdkinder experiment, to educate youth between the ages 12-18.


Montessori Controversy
John Chattin-McNichols, 231 pp, soft cover, 1992 edition.
Examines Montessori in the context of current theory and practice in child development and early childhood education.


Montessori Play And learn
Leslie Britton, 143 pp, soft cover, 1992 edition.
Introduction by Joy Turner. Activities, ideas and games that can supplement preschool learning for the child.


Nurturing The Spirit
Aline D. Wolf, 190 pp, soft cover, 1996 edition. Illustrated by Joe Servello.
This book was written for Montessori teachers. many readers - both Montessorians and others - believe that it can be useful for parents or teachers who want to include the spiritual dimension in their care of young children.


Nurturing The Spirit
Same text as above - in Spanish.


Our Peaceful Classroom
Aline D. wolf, 64 pp, soft cover.
This book is compiled of 64 drawings by Montessori children world-wide.


The Religious Potential Of The Child
Sophia Cavelletti, 251 pp, soft cover.
Describes an experience of adults and children dwelling together in the mystery of God.


A Parent's Guide To The Montessori Classroom
Aline D. wolf, 62 pp, soft cover, 1995 ed.
Describes the Montessori program for children between ages of three and six.


A Parent's Guide To The Montessori Classroom
Same text as above - in Spanish.


Teaching Montessori In The Home : The Pre-School Years
Elizabeth G. Hainstock, 176 pp, soft cover, 1968 edition.
A guide for parents to introduce the Montessori Method at home.


Teaching Montessori In The Home : The School Years
Elizabeth G. Hainstock, 129 pp, soft cover, 1978 edition.
A guide to building your child's self confidence and their work with math and language.


The Child Is Father Of The Man
Silvana Q. Montanaro,MD, 110 pp, soft cover, 1997 ed.
Large full-color photos emphasize the importance of the first 3 years. A book for parents, with short text and quotes from Maria Montessori, in English and Italian.


The Normalized Child
Kathleen H. Futrell, 28 pp, soft cover, 1998 ed. Reprinted by NAMTA
A talk given to parents of children at The Aquinas Montessori School (Alexandria, Virginia) in 1966. This booklet has enjoyed widespread use by many Montessori schools and organizations. Nicely illustrated with full-color photographs of Montessori children at work.


What Is Montessori Preschool?
David Kahn, 23 pp, soft cover, 1995 ed.
An introduction to the Montessori Method as applied to the preschool classroom.


What Is Montessori Elementary?
David Kahn, 17 pp, soft cover, 1995 ed.
The continuation of the Montessori Method as applied to the elementary classroom.


The World Of The Child
Aline D. Wolf, 56 pp, soft cover.Illustrated by Anna Maria Magagna
The father, frustrated with parenting, is taken to the world of the child where he re-experiences the frustrations of a toddler.


The Hidden Hinge
Rosa Packard, 229 pp, soft cover, 1972 ed.
Examines the nature of children and the role of adults in encouraging their learning.


A Montessori Album
Margot R. Waltuch, 29 pp, soft cover, 1986 ed.
Margot Waltuch is one of the few people who knew and worked with Maria Montessori. Her album provides a personal insights and presents the Montessori method in the context of international history.


Montessori : A Modern Approach
Paula Polk Lillard, 174 pp, soft cover, 1973 ed.
A historical, philosophical and practical guide to the Montessori curriculum.


Basic Montessori ... Learning Activities For Under-Fives
David Gettman, 235 pp, soft cover, 1997 Clio ed.
A modern explanation of Montessori's ideas regarding early intellectual development. Provides a step-by-step guide to the Montessori learning activities most commonly used with under-fives. Introduction to reading, writing, counting, decimal concepts, science, geography, and activities that help develop the child's practical and sensorial skills.


Montessori Today
Paula Polk Lillard, 207 pp, soft cover, 1973 ed.
Montessori theory and practice, with special emphasis on the child's elementary school years. For parents, teachers, and all those who are concerned about education today.


Montessori Read & Write
Lynne Lawrence, soft cover, 1998 ed.
Brings the benefits of the Montessori system within the reach of all parents. Packed with ideas, activities and exercises that make learning easy.


Montessori In The Classroom
Paula Polk Lillard, 266 pp, soft cover, 1997 ed.
A fascinating day-by-day record of a year in the life of a Montessori classroom. A glimpse of the Montessori method in action.


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