Books By Maria Montessori

The Absorbent Mind
270 pp, soft cover, 1994 edition.
An analysis of the physical and phychological aspects of a child's growth during the most significant period of life.


Advanced Montessori Method Volume 1
273 pp, soft cover, 1991 edition.
Maria Montessori presents her educational philosophy and methods as they relate to children from ages seven to eleven.


Advanced Montessori Method Volume 2
273 pp, soft cover, 1991 edition.
This book introduces the reader to the materials and techniques Dr. Montessori devised for teaching older children.


Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook
189 pp, soft cover, 1965 edition.
Dr. Montessori's notes as to the use and intent of Montessori curriculum tools.


The Child In The Family
75 pp, soft cover, 1989 edition.
Dr. Montessori discusses some of her basic principles of education and shows why its important for adults to 'follow attentively all the spiritual expressions of a child.'


The Child, Society And The World
126 pp, soft cover, 1989 edition.
Speeches and lectures by Maria Montessori regarding the teachings of peace, environmental awareness and universal responsibility.


The Discovery Of The Child
339 pp, soft cover, 1994 edition.
Maria Montessori describes the nature of the child and her method.


Education For A New World
69 pp, soft cover, 1994 edition.
The physic life in the newborn has already aroused great interest. The conclusion of research is that the first two years of life are the most important.


Education And Peace
119 pp, soft cover, 1992 edition.
A collection of speeches revealing her conviction for peace to be obtained by means of education.


The Formation Of Man
99 pp, soft cover, 1994 edition.
Dr. Montessori shows how the educational system is prejudiced against the child.


From Childhood To Adolescence
108 pp, soft cover, 1976 edition.
Essays on the educational concerns of the child from age seven, the adolescent and even the mature university student. She considers each level and seeks the optimum method of facilitating growth.


The Montessori Method
376 pp, soft cover, 1964 edition.
Theory and practice of the "Casa Dei Bambini."


The Secret Of Childhood
216 pp, soft cover, 1966 edition.
A series of essay on the nature of the child and early learning.


To Educate The Human Potential
85 pp, soft cover, 1993 edition.
This book is intended to help teachers meet the child's needs after the age of six.


What You Should Know About Your Child
99 pp, soft cover, 1989 edition.
Dr. Montessori examines the physical and mental development of the child in its early years.


The California Lectures Of Maria Montessori
394 pp, soft cover.
This edition includes many unpublished lectures and articles by Maria Montessori during her 1915 attendence at the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.


Basic Ideas Of Montessori's Educational Theory
208 pp, soft cover, 1997 edition.
Excerpts from her writings and teachings provides a lively analysis of Maria Montessori's educational beliefs and methodology.


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