Books About Maria Montessori

Education For Human Development
Mario M. Montessori, Jr.,117 pp, soft cover, 1992 edition.
A fascinating insight into his grandmother's personality, her role as a feminist, and her philosophy of education and child growth.


Mammolina, A Story About Maria Montessori
by Barbara O'Connor, 64 pp, soft cover. Illustrated by Sara Campitelli.
Lively text unfolds the inspiring and inusual story of the "Mammolina" of modern education - written for young people.


Maria Montessori - Her Life And Work
E.M. Standing, 382 pp, soft cover, 1978 edition.
Introduction by John J. McDermott. A biography including quotations from her letters and diaries.


Maria Montessori
Rita Kramer, 410 pp, soft cover, 1976 edition.
This biography covers her personal life, and the intellectual and social climate of Italy during her formative days.


Maria Montessori... Teacher Of Teachers
Marie Tennent Shepard, 112 pp, hard cover.
This inspiring biography, tells the story of Maria Montessori - her brilliant insights, amazing determination, and the beginning of the Montessori Method.


Peaceful Children, Peaceful World
Aline D. Wolf, 72 pp, soft cover. Illustrated by Joe Servello.
Significant excerpts from Maria Montessori's "Peace and Education."


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